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Machined Products manufactures components used primarily by OEM's in the Medical, Energy, and Safety fields in addition to serving industries related to Research, Automotive, Motorsports, Valve, and Instrumentation.

Our Automated Multi-axis CNC Lathes and Machining Centers allow us to develop strategies and manufacturing techniques that are necessary for precision products in these arenas. Because of our skilled and talented employees, we often run lights out and can accommodate medium to large volumes. We work in a variety of materials, including Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, and High Temperature Nickel Alloys, as well as Aluminum and Brass Products.

Machined Products can complete small assemblies and secondary operations, often using several specialized manufacturing techniques, work-cells, and machinery specifically built for some of the products of our customers. Some items are built as multi-component assemblies that are fitted, pressed, and welded. In all cases, these solutions are devised with long-term strategies regarding cost maintenance, quality enhancement, or reductions.

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"Machined Products has been very proactive in using their engineering skills during design reviews to find errors and make suggestions for improvement that have saved a great deal of time and money and resulted in superior product. They have added value with services such as torque tests, value analysis, discussions on material properties, designs, etc."