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Secondary Machining

Secondary Machining

Our secondary machines are typically utilized for single purpose operations that may be better suited to do off-line. Some of these types of operations include certain finishing operations, surface and internal broaching, thread rolling, orbital riveting, deep slotting, and microscopic hand-deburring for microscopes and dental instruments. Where contract projects require, Machined Products has built machines to assist with completing the job.

For instance, we've created a machine that sorts, cross drills, inspects, and stacks components. Another creation includes a welding machine that automatically Tig welds four individual components on a rotary shaft that is welded in 11 locations.

To see a complete listing of our secondary machining equipment, please click here.



"Our Company has been outsourcing a bulk of our machining operations to Machine Products for the past fifteen years, and we have been very pleased with their high-quality machining services."