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Quality Assurance


Our Quality Assurance Department ensures compliance of your specifications through a battery of procedures and equipment testing. The results provide products with expected function, reliability and effectiveness that meet or exceed your requirements. The fullest measure of product assurance is achieved through our trained personnel and their attention to detail. Continuous improvement through TQC is the foundation of Machined Products and reflects our number one commitment - your continued satisfaction. Employee training and quality improvement information includes statistical analysis in its conventional forms: capability studies, frequency distribution, control charts, etc.

ISO Certified
Machined Products Company has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2001. Other programs and procedures we incorporate to ensure a consistently sound end product that meets your specifications includes:

  • Extensive ANSI & MIL specifications
  • MIL STD- 45208 compliance
  • Extensive Inventory of Calibrated Gaging
  • Computerized tracking of statistics and records



"As an ISO9000 Registered company Machined Products has the systems in place to assure quality products."