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CNC Machining

The sophisticated equipment utilized by Machined Products allows us to manufacture parts with simultaneous and overlapping operations. Additionally, our primary machining departments have equipment and tooling in duplication. This repetition keeps reliability high and permits us to complete a job on any one of several pieces of equipment, allowing us to have scheduling flexibility to maintain on-time deliveries - even when a spike in demand occurs. Additional benefits to our infrastructure include: reduction in turnaround time, high precision, high volume consistency, automated production, and better Cpks.

Our machining centers can create complex parts at one location. This environment produces better opportunity for higher precision, higher quality, and better Cpks. Not unlike our lathe department, our machining centers contain the same tooling to provide the flexibility to run the same project on multiple machines. This helps eliminate downtime as well as decrease turnaround time to you. To see a complete listing of our centers, please click here.

Secondary Machining MPCO Facility List  

Secondary Machining

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"Machined Products has been very proactive in using their engineering skills during design reviews to find errors and make suggestions for improvement that have saved a great deal of time and money and resulted in superior product."